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About Us – HPC

Haiti Premiere Classe Media Group airs a weekly TV magazine (on NYC Life, channel 25 New York) and a weekly talk radio show (on WNYE, 91.5 FM) aimed at promoting Haitian culture.  Targeting the Haitian community and its allies estimated to 1.5 million people of the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut tristate area, the shows (Radio & TV) serve as a strong liaison between professionals, religious, political, business, and community leaders and the Haitian community.

The shows feature Haitian art painting, Haitian music, business initiatives, publications, and news from the community and from Haiti.  In addition to that they include discussions on a variety of educative topics with respect to economic, medical, political, and legal issues affecting the community.

The use of NYC life’s channels provides Haiti Premiere Classe the opportunity to have access to the approximately 18 million people in a 50-mile viewing radius.

Haiti Premiere Classe (TV show) is one of the first Haitian TV shows aired in the New York Metropolitan Area. The show was first aired on Tele Mundo Channel WNJU, Channel 47 in 1987, then on WPXN-TV Channel 31, in 1990 and remained well-known and appreciated in the Haitian community.

The vision of Haiti Premiere Classe Media Group is to promote Haiti’s image.  Any business’ association with Haiti Premiere Classe can support a strong tie between that business and the Haitian community.